How to run commands depending on players scoreboard?

How can I teleport players based on their score on the scoreboard? For example, only if there scoreboard score is 1.

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  • 3 Solutions collect form web for “How to run commands depending on players scoreboard?”

    /tp @p[score_*Score*_min=1] x y z

    In the selector arguments, use score_SCORENAME= and score_SCORENAME_min=. For example, to teleport a player with at least 1 of a “Kills” objective:

    /tp @a[score_Kills_min=1] 0 70 0

    I used

    /execute @a[score_rightClick_min=1] ~ ~ ~ /kill @p

    to detect when someone used a carrot on a stick by setting up a scoreboard called rightClick.

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