How to prevent camera zooming with mouse wheel?

My mouse is incredibly busted and my scroll wheel fires off ‘scroll’ events randomly. It’s really bad for games like Dota 2.

How can I prevent the camera from zooming with the mouse wheel? I’d prefer to even disable zooming entirely.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How to prevent camera zooming with mouse wheel?”

    Open your console and use this command dota_camera_disable_zoom "1".

    This will disable the zoom entirely.

    To open the console you need to rightclick your DotA2 in steam and go to properties-> set launch options. There you need to add -console and start DotA2.

    If this resets every time you start DotA2:

    Open your DotA 2 Folder (…\SteamApps\common\dota 2 beta\dota\cfg) and create a new file called autoexec.cfg. Insert the above command into this file. This will automatically apply above command each time you start DotA2

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