How to make villagers spread around

I am planning on creating a village, but I am wondering if I can influence them to spread around a little bit more.

Currently, I have a small temporary village set up, where I have 4 houses and about 10 villagers. All the 10 villagers always cramp around in 1 single house.

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    What your asking is if you can influence the decisions the villagers make, and short of ‘trapping’ them in a place, no you cannot make them spread out as that would require you to be able to influence the AI of the villagers.

    Villagers always spawn in the same chunk. If you destroy the entire village and replace it with grass, they will spread out. You can then build custom houses in the area that you would like them to be in to trap the villagers.

    They tend to gather at the center of the village. You can move the center of the village by expanding your village on one side. They will still tend to clump at the new center.

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