How to get the people of a village like me again after killing their livestock?

I accidentally killed a chicken, and now people hate me. How do I get them to like me again?

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    Leave the area for 3 ingame days. If you return, people will like you again.

    Equally, find a guard and sheath your weapon. Then go to prison or pay your bounty.

    Get away from the place, into the wilderness, and wait 3 days before returning.

    Well how many people saw? If the whole village saw, yield to the guards. If only a few people saw kill them and your bounty is gone. For example when I killed the last witness of my crime (I attacked Thalmor and farmers), a bounty worth 4000 was removed from Whiterun.

    Alternatively, if you’re playing on PC; look up codes to remove bounty. Also you could just kill everyone in the village. Unless some are essential, but there shouldn’t be any if you finished the main quest.

    I say just restart to where you didn’t kill the chicken and every thing will be fine.

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