How to get double loot and XP from a Pokestop?

While spinning PokeStops, I was able to get double loot (7-8 items) and double XP (100 XP) twice. However, I do not understand whether I did something special for this and I cannot find any information on this matter.

Does anyone know how to get these double loot and XP from spinning a PokeStop?

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  • Update: faced this again. Images are below. This was the first pokestop for a long time.

    enter image description hereenter image description here

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    I have found that every 10th unique Pok├ęstop spun will give you 6+ items, 100 XP and an egg (if space permits), but you have to follow a specific pattern. Basically, if you continue to spin unique Pok├ęstops, every 10th stop will give you the bonus. Someone test this out for me.

    Loot is just random. sometimes i get 3 items, other 7. XP in my personal experience is related to the number of items you get. 100xp with more than 5

    source: hours and hours of playing

    If you get multiple xp gains in a short time, the game will only display the total once. It may be that.

    Look in your history journal if you want to double check.

    There are two possible causes for this “double loot and XP” phenomenon:

    • Sheer Luck
      Pokestops have a chance to randomly spit out double loot. Perhaps you were just lucky and managed to hit the right random number.
    • Unique Spins
      If you’re in a new area and spin 10 (untouched by you) Pokestops within 30 minutes, the 10th Stop will automatically grant you 6 or more items, an egg (if you have inventory room), and double EXP from a single swipe.

    I ended up getting more when I spun it twice…. I “spin” it again before it finishes the first spin and it works for me…

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