How to effect entities with a potion effect in a certain radius in MCPE?

So im trying to make a custom potion using an xp bottle, I’m using the command /execute @e[type=xporb] ~ ~ ~ effect @e[r=5] poison 5 2 true, I’m trying to make it where anything in a radius of 5 will be poisoned, so is it possible, or did I make a mistake when writing the command?

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    The issue is that when you execute a command as an entity you have to include a / before the command which is easy to forget as command blocks don’t require them. The new command should look like this:

    /execute @e[type=xporb] ~ ~ ~ /effect @e[r=5] poison 5 2 true

    Sorry, I failed on the other answer. Here’s the correct way:enter image description here

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