How to donate gold in Diablo 3?

I play with friends but I also play more than them and consequently I have better stuff and more gold.

Since I’m the friendly kind of guy, I want to donate gold to my friends so they can buy better stuff in the Action House and we can play together again with our most advanced character. Right now, I need to play with my second or third best character to match their advancement…

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    Join their game, run up to them, and right click their portait – there should be a Trade option, which will allow you to trade gold directly to them.

    Note that this only works while you’re in town.

    Trading or gifting gold is no longer possible since February 2014, see:
    How can gold be traded to other players Diablo 3?

    You can still power level them, invite them into your game whenever you find the vault, or gift them items you find while playing in the same party.

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