How to compare different Pokémon with the same CP?

I am familiar with the Pokémon GO Species/Moveset Analysis Tool spreadsheet, which is very helpful, when one wants to compare movesets of one Pokémon or to compare different Pokémon on the same level. But for the sake of efficient gym training, I would need to compare different Pokémon with the same CP. Let me give an example (to simplify things, let’s ignore IV or attack types for now):

Let’s assume, I have following three Pokémon:

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    1. Snorlax (Lick, Hyper Beam), level 15, CP 1250
    2. Snorlax (Lick, Hyper Beam), level 7, CP 550
    3. Raticate (Bite, Hyper Beam), level 15, CP 550

    The spreadsheet enables me to compare #1 and #3, so even without understanding what all these ratings exactly mean, I can easily see that Snorlax is far superior to Raticate both defensively and offensively, which is something I would guess just after seeing their CP (1250 vs 550).

    But assume, I need to train a gym with Pokémon around 1100 CP in it. To get maximum prestige, I would want to use Pokémon that has around 550 CP. Thus, I would need to compare #2 and #3, which are different levels, but the same CP.

    Is there a way to use this spreadsheet so that it can do this kind of comparison? Or is there other spreadsheet/tool/website where I can do this comparison?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How to compare different Pokémon with the same CP?”

    To see which one is objectively better, use the Silph Road research page.

    Two Pokemon with the same CP tend to perform roughly the same, ignoring movesets and typing. However, Pokemon with exceptional values in some stats may outperform other species. For example, a Snorlax will typically last longer than a Raticate due to its very high HP and Defense.

    I did a calculation via the Silph Road IV Rater to show this:

    • A level 13.5 Raticate with CP 500 (roughly in the middle) can have between 53 and 61 HP.

    • A level 6.0 Snorlax with CP 500 (on the high end) can have between 102 and 107 HP.

    IVs aside, this low level Snorlax will most definitely tank more hits than the Raticate with equal CP. In the case where both know Hyper Beam, though, they are equally valid choices, since with STAB, Hyper Beam is the most powerful move in the game.

    For another example, I’ll compare Lapras and Cloyster, both Ice/Water types.

    • A level 9.5 Cloyster with 500 CP (roughly mid-range) can have between 41 and 47 HP.

    • A level 6.5 Lapras with 500 CP (roughly mid-range) can have between 87 and 92 HP.

    Given Lapras’ inherent tankiness, Lapras is a better choice than Cloyster.

    If basing your decision HP alone doesn’t settle it for you, look at the species’ base stats on the link I provided above.

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