How to build a two bit binary to decimal decoder using Redstone?

This is the logic circuit i want to create in Minecraft

enter image description here

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    I hope you’re not trying to construct this from basic gates. It could be argued either way, but fundamentally, I see binary decoders in Minecraft as functioning with nor gates instead of nand gates, but that’s beside the point. Essentially, the best way to create a binary decoder is to treat it like a field-programmable gate array (FPGA), where horizontal input lanes are nor-ed together on the vertical output lanes. That’s a bit of a wishy-washy statement, so it’s probably better just to show you.

    T flip-flop counter and binary decoder

    In this instance, there is a counter as the input, but it’s just as easy to use levers for the input. There are 2 blue lines for each input, one of which is the complement (the not) of the input. While these lanes are active high, their only way of output is effectively through a not gate, meaning they output as active low. All output lanes (the red lanes) except one have power to them, and since we’re using active low, only one lane is high (despite being “off”). To fix this, we invert the outputs so that we get back to active high. Note that without the output inverter, you basically get nand behaviour. This is beneficial because if you want to power something like a seven segment display, you need an encoder. Encoders require active low inputs, and will produce an active high output, and since the output lanes are already active low, it’s as simple as stacking the output lanes of the encoder beneath the output lanes of the decoder.

    For a little more information, take a look at this answer about a similar problem.

    Redstone torches in Minecraft emulate NOR-gates, not NAND-gates. If you redesign the circuit with NOR gates, it will be much easier.

    circuit design

    This circuit will require only 6 torches, one for each gate.

    You have to use repeaters from less than 15 blocks away if it does not work. You may be not using the redstone correctly. If it’s a glitch, I suggest you to restart your computer. A virus may be in your game. Though you can’t use too many redstone torches or it might not work. Use it below surfaces when you connect 2 upper blocks. Plans detailed pistons:
    Pistons are not working anymore if your on a server. Only you can use plugins for this problem. Only 3 torches = 1 block. Multiply it by 2. That equals about 12. Use 12 torches for a full recommended working system.

    A sticky piston might work, but if your using a non stoppable system, then use pistons. Use about 10 repeaters to make your robotics unstoppable. You may need to block the gates and go above them. If that doesn’t work, then I don’t know what to say… Sorry if this does not help you. But I will give you more information if you need it right now. Heres the unique redstone system.

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