How much XP is needed for each level?

I have started leveling my Starcraft 2 account in all 3 races, but I am wondering how much xp is needed for each level, and especially how much is needed in total to reach level 30 so I can get an idea of how long it will take me to get there?

I can see an increase in the amount of xp needed each level, but it looks at the moment as each level is decreasing how much more xp is needed.
Screenshot of a level 3 Terran (37,953/85,000 XP); a level 4 Protoss (52,015/105,000 XP); and a level 6 Zerg (3,642/135,000 XP)

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    Each race has 30 levels. The total amount of experience points required is 4,750,000. And, as you noticed, the increase of points goes down as the levels get higher. The increases are as follows:

    • 40k starting at level 1
    • 20k starting at level 2
    • 10k starting at level 6
    • 5k starting at level 7
    • 2.5k starting at level 15

    Rewards are earned at all levels except 1, 6, 12, 18, and 24. The following image (credited to Existor on the Team Liquid forums) shows a breakdown of levels and rewards:

    Starcraft 2 rewards and level breakdown credit Existor from Team Liquid forums

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