How much of a boost does Nano Boost provide?

Ana’s ultimate, Nano Boost, apparently:

Increase an ally’s damage and speed, while reducing damage taken

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    Does her damage boost stack with boosting abilities such as Mercy’s Cadeceus, and does Lucio’s Speed Boost stack with Nano Boost? Does reducing damage also factor in armor as well?

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “How much of a boost does Nano Boost provide?”

    According to the wiki,

    Damage +50%

    Damage Reduction 50%

    Duration 8 seconds

    Ana’s Nanoboost provides a:

    • 50% damage boost
    • 50% damage resistance buff

    for 8 seconds. It stacks additively with other damage resistance passives or abilities, such as:

    • Bastion’s passive “Ironclad” which gives 20% damage reduction while in Sentry/Tank form
    • Orisa’s ability “Fortify” which gives a 50% damage reduction buff for 4 seconds

    However, damage resistance is capped at 50%, so stacking damage resistance beyond that will not provide additional benefits.

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