How much faster is jumping while sprinting?

From reading the wiki I have gathered that:

  1. Sprinting allows you to move around 5.612 meters/second.
  2. Sprinting and holding down jump at the same time usually makes you go faster on land.

Exactly how much faster is jumping while running (preferably in meters/second)?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How much faster is jumping while sprinting?”

    Comparison between sprinting and sprint-jumping based on tests on a superflat world (Results will vary if you have to jump to cross terrain).

    Sprinting: 100 blocks in 17.7 sec (~5.650 m/s), traveled 770 blocks till lost sprint from hunger (killed myself to reset hunger). 770 blocks at 5.650 m/s would take 2:16.

    Sprint-jumping: 100 blocks in 14.3 sec (~6.993 m/s), traveled 400 blocks till lost sprint from hunger (killed myself to reset hunger). Traveling the same 770 blocks as above took 1:57, including stopping to eat once.

    Thus it would appear that sprint jumping offers a large enough speed boost that it more than offsets the need to eat more often.

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