How much ammo does picking up a single clip refill?

When I pick up extra ammo off of fallen enemies or laying around the environment, it refills some amount of the ammo in all of my equipped weapons.

How much ammo does each additional clip refill? Is it a percentage of the total ammo for each weapon? Does it vary depending on weapon type or model? Is there any difference between the ammo refill rate of my active weapon and my reserve weapons?

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “How much ammo does picking up a single clip refill?”

    A single ammo clip has the following effects on all weapons at these difficulties:

    • Very Easy: 40% ammo fill
    • Easy: 40% ammo fill
    • Normal: 40% ammo fill
    • Hard: 30% ammo fill
    • Insane: 20% ammo fill

    These values are pulled directly from the ME3 coalesced settings file. Note that in the event of a decimal value, it will round down, not to the nearest value. Others, however, have reported that this doesn’t necessarily translate to all weapons but I have been unable to confirm this, and it is not in the coalesced settings file that I could see.

    Also, it will fill your grenades in the following manner:

    • Very Easy: 10 grenades
    • Easy: 3 grenades
    • Normal: 2 grenades
    • Hard: 1 grenade
    • Insane: 1 grenade

    All guns in need of ammo will receive the full amount of a single reload clip (eg all guns will be refilled by 40% on normal difficulty).

    Also note that ammo will respawn given enough time, so if you are really in need of some ammo, camping a spot will can easily refill your gun.

    Each weapon has a minimum and maximum number of shots that may be refilled by a single clip. A high-powered sniper rifle may get 1 or 2 shots, while an assault rifle will get dozens.

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