How many name prefixes can be stacked onto one weapon?

A lot of weapons aren’t just your standard weapon. Certain ‘Qualities’ can be applied to make them stand out or increase their rarity.

For example, Strange weapons count kills (or otherwise weapon-related points), and they are seen as ‘Strange <Weapon>’ (or a variant thereof) in-game.

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  • However I see a lot of weapons going around with names like Spectacularly Lethal Specialised Killstreak Festive Knife, and I was wondering: What’s the maximum amount of name prefixes that can be stacked onto a singular weapon? Are there certain item/killstreak/quality prefixes which are incompatible with others?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How many name prefixes can be stacked onto one weapon?”

    To start with, Strange and Killstreak can be applied to almost any weapon (of any quality). Both of which could add up to two words to the name.

    The following qualities do not interact at all:

    1. Vintage
    2. Community
    3. Self-made
    4. Australium
    5. Festive
    6. Genuine

    Some other qualities exist like Unusual & Haunted, but they apply mostly to cosmetics and some special weapons such as the Horseless Headless Horsemann’s Headtaker.

    You can add Collectors to both Festive and Vintage (not sure about the others because how rare they are).

    You can also add ‘Strange Filters‘ to items which will add an additional prefix word based on the map that you are filtering.

    Example for longest weapon prefix:

    Hale’s Own Frosty Professional Killstreak Collectors (Festive/Vintage) WEAPON

    Update: I have no idea how all of this fits in with the new ‘Decorated’ weapons released with the 2015 Gunmettle update.

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