How long does radiation contamination take to clean up?

Due to poorly educated workers at my nuclear power plant, I was told that a meltdown was imminent at my power plant. Considering how densely packed my city is, I didn’t fancy having a meltdown and removed the nuclear power plant in favour of an oil power plant.

However, it seems that some contamination of the area has still occurred. Sims living and working nearby are now getting sick from the contamination. How long does it take for the radiation contamination to completely dissipate?

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  • Here’s a screenshot showing the contamination:
    enter image description here

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    “you have to wait 20+ years for all the radiation to turn into ground pollution
    (which trees help clean up)”

    Answer by Guillaume Pierre – The Lead Gameplay Scripter and a Designer


    “also the lowest radiation area will take about 34 years to go away, with each band of intensity being 2x that”

    Answer by Chris Schmidt – Tuning Designer at Maxis

    My water pump was right next to my nuclear power station that went into meltdown, I have the filtration add-on and the ground pollution is very light after a few days of pumping just below the pump station, but heavy everywhere else.

    That’s right, get your population to drink it!

    It seems to decay slowly after a while. My city got hit by a meteor and the radiation level is slowly decreasing.

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