How long do sleeping bonuses last?

You can temporarily gain the Well Rested perk, adding +10% experience, by sleeping in an owned bed. You can instead temporarily gain the Lover’s Embrace perk, adding +15% experience, by sleeping in any bed with a romantic companion nearby.

How long do these bonuses last?

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  • I’ve heard 12 hours, which is listed on both those Nukapedia pages, but it doesn’t always seem to be true. Checking the in-game clock, I’ve fast traveled to somewhere less than 7 hours away and lost the bonus.

    What actions will cause them to end prematurely?

    I know that sleeping in any bed will you cause you to lose Well Rested. Will anything else cause these perks to end early?

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    I tested Lover’s Embrace by getting the perk in Sanctuary, noting the time, and then traveling to various locations. In every instance, I still had the perk less than 8 hours from getting it, and didn’t after more than 8 hours.

    For example, the Boston Airport is more than 8 hours away. I lose the bonus when I fast travel there. Bunker Hill is less than 8 hours away. I still have the bonus when I travel there. If I travel to Bunker Hill, and then to the Boston Airport, I have the bonus at Bunker Hill, but have lost it by the time I reach the Airport.

    Therefore, Lover’s Embrace lasts for 8 hours. I assume Well-Rested lasts the same.

    You lose the buff if you fast travel. I’m not sure of the exact number it lasts, in Skyrim it lasted for 8 hours so I doubt it would be any different to that.

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