How is the received number of trophies calculated?

So I have been playing Clash of Clans for a while now and have noticed that the number of trophies received on a win greatly fluctuate. By this, I do not mean for a full win only. I am talking about winning with 1 and 2 stars mostly.

Does anyone know if the percentage of destruction on the enemy village has anything to do with the amount of trophies you get on said ‘win’? I have a feeling that it does since I have looked at the number I receive from a 2 star at 50% and 2 star at 95%, but like I said its a personal thought. Can anyone confirm?

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    The amount of trophies you earn is not directly relative to the percentage of destruction. It depends on how many stars you earn. ( Read the bold text below )

    According to the Clash of Clans wiki, “Raids” article:

    For each star that you earn, you receive one-third of the available Trophies. This means that destroying your opponent’s Town Hall gives
    you an automatic victory. Also it is impossible to get more than one
    star without destroying the Town Hall. Failure to get any stars means
    a loss, causing you to lose Trophies.

    So for example, let’s assume available trophy for a battle is 30. If you destroy the Town Hall and 50% of your opponent’s base you will receive 20 trophies, and if you keep destroying it until 90%, you still will get 20 trophies.

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