How is CC reduced in higher difficulties?

I’ve noticed that Leap with the Death from Above rune seems to stun normal monsters for a much longer time than champions in inferno.

Is there a CC length reduction against different mob types in the higher difficulties of Diablo 3? If so, how much of a reduction is it?

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    Blizzard has a page detailing the CC reductions per difficulty level.

    The reductions only apply to rare,elite or boss monsters, not the normal variants, and they also get a small reduction on Normal difficulty which scales up a lot in Inferno.

    Re. stun, the base duration of your Leap‘s stun effect would be reduced to:

    • 65% in Normal
    • 50% in Nightmare
    • 35% in Hell/Inferno

    Also, with higher reduction it is easier to fall below the ‘minimum threshold’ (in this case 0.5s) below which no stun will be applied at all.

    Kind of late, but I just saw this question and it doesn’t have a good answer.

    How do monster level and act number affect crowd control reduction? posted later is actually a dup of this.

    The CC reduction is increased by the level difference
    And elites /champions have bonus CC reduction too.

    When you are in inferno your level stays at 60 but the monster reach lvl 63
    so they have naturaly CC reduction over you

    don t know the numbers but maybe like 10% per lvl difference

    so if elites have 50% base CC and lvl 63 => 65 % CC reduction

    But the CC work differently with slow stun fear confusion

    for the stun the CC reduction will affect duration
    but for the slow it will affect the % movement speed reduction

    80% slow for 8sec == 65% CC reduc ==> 28% slow 8 sec

    4 sec stun == 65% CC reduc ==> 1.4 sec

    Champions and Elites get a built-in reduction to CC. I don’t know how much exactly, but it feels like 66% or worse. It’s definitely frustrating for classes which rely on CC rather than evasion.

    Subtract 10% of the duration for each level of difficulty increase

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