How does Unarmed work with the dual attack perks?

So dual flurry effects unarmed but what of dual savagery? If dual savegery does apply doesn’t that dramatically increase damage output by 50%.

Also can’t you increase the amount of the enchantment via potion to increase enchanting skill then create or is there a cap on unarmed fortification?

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  • Last can anyone here verify that there is a so called “snap neck” animation critical for unarmed during sneaking I’ve heard talk but nothing more.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How does Unarmed work with the dual attack perks?”

    A short Unarmed Primer for Skyrim:


    • Steel Fists – Steel fists adds the base armor value of the gauntlets to your attack. Smithing, well fitted perks, etc do not affect unarmed damage.
    • Armsman – Armsman does not affect unarmed damage.
    • Dual Flurry – Dual flurry does not affect dual fisted unarmed attack speed (power attack or not).
    • Dual Savagery – Dual Savagery does not affect dual fisted unarmed power attack.


    With the best set of enchanting + alchemy feedback loop, you are able to make an unarmed enchantment of +14 onto Gloves and Rings, for a total of +28 unarmed damage.


    Unarmed attacks has a finishing animation just like all other weapons. If the enemy is the last one alive and you perform a hit, there is a chance you will perform a neck snapping attack. If you are doing a sneak attack and you kill the target in 1 hit, there is a possibility of doing the animation as well.


    Khajiits have an inherent +15 bonus to unarmed. This bonus may not apply while wearing gauntlets (I will need do some more testing to make sure).

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