How does “elemental” damage on weapons work with elemental skills?

I have a weapon that adds Holy damage. How does this work with my skills that say “Does X% of weapon damage as INSERT ELEMENT damage and things of that nature”?

My wand does 8-14 damage at 1.40 Attacks Per Second. It has +1-2 Holy Damage for a total DPS rating of 15.4. Ray of Frost deals 215% weapon damage as Cold damage. How does this interact with the Holy damage?

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    Bonus elemental damage is overridden when using a skill that does damage of a particular specified element. You still receive the damage bonus, but it is no longer of the element specified by the item.

    For example, if you have a weapon that does 20-40 damage, and a bonus of +4-8 Fire Damage, and use an ability that does 100% Weapon Damage as Lightning Damage, you would do 24-48 lightning damage with that ability.

    If the ability does not specify a particular damage type, then it will deal damage based on your weapons inherent damage type.

    The +1-2 Holy damage only applies to basic attacks (When you’re out of arcane power).

    However, that extra damage IS still factored into how much damage your spells do:

    On the character inventory screen, underneath the stats, will be a number next to “Damage”.

    This value factors in your character’s primary attribute as well as any buffs or other modifiers currently affecting them.

    This value is the baseline for spells that do %weapon damage.

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