How do you lengthen a redstone button signal in Minecraft?

I made a little redstone circuit to open a door (using pistons) with a button, but I was wondering how I could make the door stay open a little longer. I don’t want to use a lever as I want it to close automatically after.

I thought of running parallel redstone delayers, with gradual delays, but I wanted to know if there is something more compact?

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    The words compact and Redstone don’t usually go together 🙂 There could be something simpler than this, probably using some weird combination of water, pistons, and chewing gum, but this is the best I can come up with: a basic delay circuit (from the wiki):

    redstone circuit diagram
    minecraft screenshot

    In the screenshot, there is actually a pressure plate on the right, bit hard to see. I prefer not to use buttons, when running for my life. 🙂

    If you need a really long delay, you can use my personal favourite design, created by Minecraftaddict.

    enter image description here
    enter image description here

    This circuit is featured in this video of his. I think the design is nice because you can make the delay a lot longer, simply by extending the part with repeaters. Unfortunately, this circuit does not involve chewing gum either.

    Also, in case anybody else who visits this question needs a very long delay, here is another circuit that provides an even longer delay (this is probably the most delay you’ll ever need):

    A wooden button will give a longer delay than a stone button*. If you want even longer then I suggest a pulse extender which are all over the other answers.

    Rt = Redstone ticks:

    • Stone button = 10Rt (1s)
    • Wooden button = 15Rt (1.5s)
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