How do Soul Gems work?

Recently I enchanted a weapon with a fire damage enchantment. I found a better weapon and wanted to do the same thing with that weapon. However, this time, whenever I tried to select an enchantment, the game would say something like “charge not sufficient for this enchantment”.

I figured that somehow the soul gems need to be charged with souls before I can use them. However, since then, I feel like I’ve killed at least a couple of dozen enemies, yet the message stays the same.

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    In order to charge a soul gem, you need to use the Soul Trap spell: merely killing enemies isn’t enough. Cast Soul Trap, then kill the enemy, and the gem will get charged.

    If you have a weapon with the Soul Trap enchantment, that’ll work as well.

    There is also a random enchantment that has a soul trapping effect, which can be found on randomly generated weapons.

    BUT, if you give these weapons (and empty soul gems) to your followers, they WILL NOT trap souls for you.

    All those poor random low level wolves that I wanted to feed to my axe get to go to doggie heaven instead. 🙁

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