How do monster level and act number affect crowd control reduction?

If I understand this post correctly, then each level a monster has on you gives them 5% reduction to CC? And elites in Inferno have a base 50% CC reduction?

Please tell me if this is correct:

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    • Act 1 Inferno (Level 61 monsters) – 55% reduction
    • Act 2 Inferno (Level 62 monsters) – 60% reduction
    • Act 3 and 4 Inferno (Level 63 monsters) – 65% reduction

    Edit: From this question I was able to find that champions in Inferno have a 65% stun resistance. Does this mean that they have 65% in all acts?

    Also, do regular monsters have resistances?

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “How do monster level and act number affect crowd control reduction?”

    Normal (white) monsters do not have any inherent Crowd Control reduction on any difficulty level (although they may get some reduction by virtue of being higher level than the character). The amount of reduction that champion and higher monsters get is the same on all acts of a given difficulty level, again subject to variation based on the level difference between the monster and the character. Unfortunately I don’t know the specifics of how level difference affects reduction.

    CC effects (knockback, slow etc.) on elite & champion mobs are reduced based on the difficulty level, and also have minimum amounts to trigger them (e.g. if you do less than 21 yards knockback to a mob in Inferno, it will completely ignore the effect).

    Note, the Blizzard page with details on the differences also mentions that

    Movement and attack speed reductions … modify the magnitude of the effect, not its duration

    (emphasis mine)

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