How do Matrix Shards work and where can I find them?

On Tython I found a datacron containing a Blue Matrix Shard. I was told that I could combine them in some sort of combiner on Coruscant. Which leads to a couple important questions:

  • How do they work? I.e., what can I make and how many do I need?
  • What attributes do the different colors give?
  • Can I get them anywhere else besides datacrons?
  • Where are they all? I don’t want to miss one.

(I think this info is best in one question/answer, but let me know if it should be split.)

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    Three shards can be combined using an Assembler to form a Matrix Cube; the cubes are then used in your character’s Relics slots. There found on all the planets and only in datacrons.

    As far as the number, there are 67 datacrons. However, there are a limited number of shards to be found (3 red, 3 yellow, 3 blue, 2 green–98% sure, again).

    Here’s a video walkthrough with more details on how to use them:

    A pretty comprehensive guide on how to get the datacrons themselves with screenshots and a walkthrough for each, broken down by planet:

    Same site has a guide on the assembly as well:

    Have only been able to confirm Empire side guides thusfar, but, found them to be very accurate.

    Not saying that this site is definitely better, but, I personally found it clearer to follow.

    What I found on google and it worked for me:

    It has info on the blue matrix shard and other shards. There was also a datacron guide in there

    Tried to make it as easy and comprehensive as I can in the video 🙂
    Hope these help. Check descriptions for details on how to get the coloured shards as well ^_^
    How to assemble & Disassemble a Matrix Cube or Relic (Republic)

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