How do I view my whole character?

I have played Oblivion and in Oblivion you can see your person on the menu screen. When I go into 3rd person all I see is their back. Is there any way I can see my whole character?

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    There are two ways you can see your whole character

    • Leave the game on for a while without moving or touching any of the controls, if you wait long enough, the camera will rotate around your character, allowing you to see your character from all sides and many angles

    • To do this method you must sheath your weapons/spells/hands and stand still. Then you will be able to zoom out into 3rd person (clicking left bumper for XBOX360 and default F for pc). Once you are in 3rd person slowly tilt the camera around to see your character from the front.

    So if you’re on playstation or xbox shealth your weapon and hit R3 or L3, one of the two if you are in first person.

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