How do I take a screenshot?

I’ve tried using print screen, but it seems to grab the window behind Diablo rather than the game. Is there some in-game hotkey to take a screenshot, or some other method that will work?

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    Hit Print Screen. The screenshots are automatically saved as JPGs in your [User]\Documents\Diablo III\Screenshots folder. You can rebind this shortcut in settings as LessPop and Augustus note.

    You do not need to paste an image into a graphics program (e.g. Paint) and save that, if you do, you will get nothing/garbage as you note.

    Are you in windowed mode and something may be interfering? The proper way of taking a screenshot in Diablo III is the Print Screen button, which I’ve used successfully already.

    You may want to check your key bindings in the options mine wasn’t set for some reason.

    Mac Users can use Command ⌘ + Shift + 3. It will save to your desktop as a .png file named with the current date and time.

    There’s always Fraps. The free version only takes BMP though.

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