How do I sync my Skyrim achievements with Steam if I use SKSE?

In my other question, I asked if I could get the Steam overlay in Skyrim if I use the SKSE .exe file. (Reference Question: How can I get the Steam overlay on Skyrim, if I am using the SKSE.exe to launch the game?)

I would like to sync my Skyrim achievements with Steam, even though I am using the SKSE .exe through a “non-steam game” (details are at the other question).

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    Achievements are only granted the moment you meet the criteria, they are not stored in the save, so you can’t sync them. You can use the Steam Achievement Manager to give yourself any achievements you want.

    I renamed skse_loader.exe to SkyrimLauncher.exe and it works like a charm.
    If I started the game using skse_loader.exe directly, I would not get the Steam overlay or the achievements.

    Be sure to make a backup of the original launcher as you need it to synchronize mods (just rename it when you want to sync)

    When you run skse_loader.exe, SKSE does some magic behind the scenes to launch Skyrim in such a way that Steam thinks you’re playing Skyrim normally.

    You shouldn’t have to do anything to get credit for your achievements and play time, even if you’re using the “non-Steam game” method to run SKSE.

    (Confirmed through my own experience using SKSE and earning achievements)

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