How do I stop my settlers stealing my weapons and armour?

After clearing out a location I travelled back to Sanctuary Hills, where I keep all my spare power armour and my fancy weapons, and it was under attack from super mutants. Before I knew it Marcy Long had taken a Fatman and all my mini-nukes from the cabinet where I store them and wasted three mini-nukes on mutant hounds, and another settler had stolen one of my power armour suits and 21 fusion cores!

The strategy guide says settlers will only take things left out in the open:

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    I think they can also take things from the workshop, so I stored all my good stuff in a cabinet next to the power armour repair frame. Apparently that isn’t safe, because Marcy helped herself to that cabinet!

    I loaded an earlier save and when I arrived in Sanctuary Hills the first thing I did was take all the ammo and cores from that cabinet, to stop anyone stealing them. But when the mutants attacked one of the settlers still stole a suit of power armour! I think the settler must have brought a fusion core with them when they arrived in Sanctuary Hills. Usually I trade with new settlers to take nice loot from them and make sure they have some ammo and a bit of leather armour, but I must have not done that for this guy.

    Apparently you can get NPCs out of armour by talking to them, but after the mutant attack everyone just said “thanks for the help, pal” and “you arrived just in the nick of time” (over and over and over, if I hear it once more I’m going to feed them to the next super mutant attackers). The thief wouldn’t get out of his armour. I eventually pickpocketed the fusion core back (which took lots of reloading because I only had a 7% chance to succeed) but I don’t want to have to do that again.

    What is the best way to prevent settlers taking your “personal” gear, and how do you prevent settlers from taking power armour if they have their own fusion cores?

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    There are still a few options; Keep your best equipment and power armor in a depopulated settlement, such as Red Rocket truck stop. If you haven’t sent settlers there, then settlers can’t steal your equipment. Raiders may still be able to steal your things, but that’s what all the turrets are for, right? 😉

    Alternately, find a safe connected to a terminal, drop your stuff in it, and lock it. This has the downside that you’ll have to travel back to wherever the terminal-safe was. And even if you can find or somehow create one in a settlement, settlers that have the hacking or lock-picking skill might still be able to get at your things.

    Optionally, keep all your things in a region of the map inaccessible to settlers, such as a rooftop or closed-off upper floor with a welcome mat. This ensures that you can fast-travel to the area, while your settlers won’t be able to reach it.

    use Home Plate (within Diamond City) for your house/abode/safe/etc. Buy it from the mayor’s receptionist for 2,000 caps. No settlers, no companions unless they are with you, and no npc’s; plus, you zone in at the front door INSIDE — teleporting out is allowed to anywhere that’s open on your map.

    yes, the npc’s/settlers/non-player-beings take even the Legendary weapons from workshops/benches/containers, plus the ammo to go with it.

    I’m going to nuke Sanctuary Hills (so help me God!) because of all the stealing going on in that place–armor, weapons, ammo, FOOD (sometimes) too! All I need to do is finish cleaning it completely out, construct artillary, use the smoke bombs to aim, and BOOM!

    So far the comments and answer are concentrating on the “settlers take things from containers” part of the question, but I’m also trying to ensure a settler won’t get in power armour if they have a fusion core already. After I got stung by this and got my armour back I went round all 20 settlers at Sanctuary Hills and found a second settler who was walking around with a fusion core in their pocket (as well as the first one who got in the armour and I pickpocketed the core back from).

    My current solution is to build a fence around my armour, and when I want to access it I go into Workshop Mode, click on a piece of fence as if to move it, walk forward through the gap, then cancel, so the piece of fence goes back where it was. This works, but is a bit annoying.

    I read somewhere else you can build an elevated platform (using the shack foundations) that can only be reached by jumping, which apparently works because settlers can’t jump. I might have to move my armour (it’s currently indoors where the power armour frame starts in Sanctuary, and the roof is too low to let me jump over the fence).

    I don’t know if people have figured it out yet but if someone steals your power armour you just have to fast travel out of there and fast travel back in and then you speak to them and you will tell them to get out of it. I had this problem at the castle but I just left them in it as I have several suits. I am having the opposite problem though I want to leave some good weapons in a container so that the settlers will help themselves when under attack instead of trying to kill mutant overlords with a crappy pipe pistol but they won’t take the stuff

    Just give your fusion cores and weapons to Strong. He can’t get in power armor in fact he hates it and unless you have a gatling lazer he can’t use the cores for anything. Regarding the weapons, just hand them out and keep a list of who has what. If you keep them in a box they might as well help to keep your settlement safe and I’m pretty sure cait stole a fusion core from my workshop yesterday and took my power armor which I’m having trouble locating now (probably some raider took it after cait left it somewhere). The power armor location also no longer shows on the map.

    I have solved all the stealing and sleeping in your bed, sitting around in your house…Build a house where ever you like but use a wall instead of door. When you come home just click into build mode, click on wall, walk through then hit B to cancel. Bingo. Your home and no one has touched a thing. Mine is on top of Red Rocket. Works great.

    Getting your weapons & power armor back from settlers or companions is a non-issue, as you can simply trade gear back for free, & tell them to exit the armor. No big deal there. Settlers won’t refuse to return items or leave town. They won’t even take a projectile weapon unless they have ammo for it… However, here’s the kicker: If your settlement is under attack while a merchant is there, the merchant may also enter empty power armor & take a stored weapon to join the fight. They have plenty of various munitions in their inventory, & they can take power armor even if there’s no core in the frame or in their stash. In fact, ANY friendly NPC can use power armor without a power core during a settlement attack. I removed all the cores from my fleet & they’re still used by settlers during settlement fights just the same. However, merchants won’t give it back. After the battle is over, there’s no option to retrieve any of the stuff a merchant took. If you try to steal or trade back a weapon yoinked by a merchant, it won’t show in their inventory, presumably because they’ve equipped it, & there’s no command option for merchants to exit power armor. Trashcan Carla entered my Atom Cats armor, & took a highly modded rifle from my workshop during a raider attack. Now I can’t get them back. The rifle isn’t in her inventory, but she still pulls it & fires it if attacked. As for the armor, you can kick a merchant from power armor by stealing the core (plant one first if there’s not one in already), but they’ll turn hostile, getting killed by settlers & turrets unless you have a high steal perk. Leaving a corpse & power frame in the street for the rest of the game ain’t cool. Merchants will also exit your stolen power armor in Bunker Hill, at the sales counter, but it’s hit & miss when they’ll show up. Simply waiting or sleeping doesn’t work, you’ll need to leave the area & return later, whenever their caravan arrives. I keep all of my shit alone at Red Rocket now. I’ve even built a home there, but it too is along the merchant route, & therefor subject to the same event.

    Just simply block it off but leave a wall free and put a fence so u can jump over it but settlers can’t and I always get attacked but I have 30 missile turrets on each side of the castle were the people try to attack me and everyone is in power armour with 50 cores each and I have 15 settlers all brotherhood power armour I got the cores by pickpocketing brotherhood knights no one gets pass my defense and if they do they’re a friendly

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