How do I set up Braid to use a gamepad on PC?

So I asked this question about Braid on PC/PS3 a while back, and one of the answers pointed me to the MotionInJoy drivers that allows PS3 controllers to be used on a PC. I’ve installed them properly and have used my DualShock 3 in a few games, but I can’t figure out how to enable it when I’m playing Braid!

There doesn’t seem to be any menu item to select an input type, which begs the question – is Braid not detecting my controller for some reason, or does Braid simply not allow you to use anything but the keyboard for input?

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    Braid is described on Steam as having support for the Xbox 360 controller, which MotionJoy is able to emulate. Try using that.

    You could try JoyToKey and map keypresses to your PS3 gamepad. I never played Braid so I don’t know much about its input support.

    I own Logitech F710 which has a switch between DirectInput and XInput:

    enter image description here

    Setting it to XInput resolved that problem, thanks @kotekzot

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