How do I save my Xbox Live Profile to a USB drive?

I want to take my profile and save it to a removable USB drive. How do I do this?

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “How do I save my Xbox Live Profile to a USB drive?”

    First you’ll have to format the USB drive so that your 360 can use it to store data. Here’s a page on that walks you through the process, but the basic steps are:

    1. Plug in the flash drive
    2. Go to System Settings under My Xbox
    3. Select Memory, then select USB Storage Device
    4. Choose whether you want to use the entire drive for Xbox storage (up to 16GB), or only a portion of the drive (leaving the rest for files from your PC or whatever)

    Now that the drive is set up, you can move your profile to it:

    1. From Memory, select your hard drive and then choose Profiles.
    2. Select your profile, and copy it over to the USB drive.

    If your goal is to be able to take the flash drive with you when you play elsewhere, you might also want to move your saved games over as well. I keep my Rock Band save data on my removable drive so I can use my characters and bands at my friend’s house, for example.

    From here:

    Plug the flash drive in, go to your
    system menu and then go to memory.
    Configure your flash drive to create
    an Xbox partition. Now your flash
    drive will read as a memory unit. Copy
    your gamertag over.

    Also, make sure that you’ve downloaded
    the latest Xbox system update to your
    Xbox so that the option to use a flash
    drive is enabled.

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