How do I return Esbern's voice?

When you first meet Esbern during A Cornered Rat as part of the main
quest, sometimes his voice will be missing and/or he doesn’t answer
the door.

– “Skyrim: Esbern – Bugs” article, UESP wiki
I saw some solutions:

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  • 3 Solutions collect form web for “How do I return Esbern's voice?”

    This should work:

    1. Download BSAUnpack

    2. Launch it, and find the directory of the game.

    3. Go to Data, and select the file called “Skyrim – VoicesExtra.bsa” If you use Steam, it’ll be in:

       C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps
    4. Then, under Common (or the folder corresponding to your Steam name),
      press Extract all into the data directory (the same directory where the voiceextra file lies)

    There will now be an extra directory in the data folder:



    • Skyrim Esbern Voice/door issue workaround. on Syndicate Gamers.

    go to my documents, my games, skyrim, open skyrim.ini

    on the most bottom, add this line:
    [Archive]>>>press enter to next line<<<
    sResourceArchiveList2=Skyrim – Voices.bsa, Skyrim – VoicesExtra.bsa

    Easier Fix. Tested and confirmed 4/17/2010. Among the Re-entering rooms for the free roam speech. When you get to Season Unending. When esbert gets up to speak and stops moving becoming unresponsive to other council members save the game. Right after, load the same save….Remember to save over the last save otherwise it will not work….This may take a few attempts but it will force an action from esbern and after 5 times or so give or take your current system it will get you through the chain without any downloads.

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