How do I retrieve my saves from the cloud?

It’s been a while since I’ve played SC2, but with HotS out, I’ve reinstalled. My old save games were lost to a hard drive crash, but it’s my understanding that save games are stored in the cloud.

I have successfully logged into my character, it shows the campaign achievements I’m expecting, and says I’ve completed 16 missions on hard difficulty. However, when I choose to continue my current campaign I see the opening cinematic, and Raynor is in the bar.

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    Your mid-mission saves are not stored in the cloud. They are stored locally on your computer’s harddrive. The blog post Campaigning on the Go* explains how Star Craft 2’s campaign progress cloud storage works.

    The post details the following about what is stored online:

    If you’re logging into StarCraft II on a different computer and have
    previously progressed through a portion of the single-player campaign,
    you’ll be able to select Continue Campaign and pick up right after the
    last mission you completed. Campaign progress is stored for you on as part of your character profile and includes all missions
    completed, tech and research upgrade choices made, mercenaries
    purchased, and Achievements unlocked prior to the most recent mission
    completion or branching mission choice made.

    Below is a compiled screenshot of how you can replay completed missions from Wings of Liberty:

    screenshot of WoL Archives

    As far as what is stored locally on your machine:

    … mid-mission save files. If you want to revert back
    to a specific save point in the campaign on a computer different from
    the one you used to originally save your progress, you’ll need to
    physically or virtually transport your save files. This should only be
    necessary if you wish to continue the campaign on a separate computer,
    but do not have Internet access and must choose the Play Offline
    option. These files are generally located within the StarCraft II
    folder in the Documents directory of most operating systems. You can
    copy your campaign save files from within the Accounts folder to a
    portable storage device, or upload them via email in order to
    transport as needed.

    So there’s a definitive answer if you still had access to your save files you could transfer them between machines.

    * Currently the blog post has a WordPress error so read Google’s cached version.

    Per this thread, saved games are not stored in the cloud – although as you’ve noticed Campaign progress is saved in the cloud.

    Your save files are kept in banks on your computer, so they don’t transfer from one computer to the next, but your campaign progress (what missions you have completed before, what achievements you have, whether the campaign has been completed or not, etc.) are on the Blizzard servers somewhere.

    If you had the actual save files on another computer, you could move them between computers manually as described here – although unfortunately that does not seem to be the case in your circumstance.

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