How do I respec from DPS to healing?

My main character is a druid who just reached level 80 on Tuesday. While leveling I have played exclusively in cat form. This worked great for solo play and 5-man dungeons. However, my guild is completely overrun with tanks and DPS (mainly DKs, hunters and warlocks) but has virtually no healers. So I’ve been thinking of either re-spec or dual-spec into healing.

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    • I’m already aware that I will need different armor since caster and DPS armor have completely different stats. What is the best way to gear up for a spec change like this?
    • How easy is it to “learn” healing, and how should I go about it?
    • The reason I’m interested in dual-spec is because I still like my feral kitty. Is it better to do it this way (even with the extra gear requirements) or to focus on one spec?

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    The short answer is, you are going to have to gear for healing, as it requires completely different gear than feral. Though if you don’t have a rogue in your group, I am sure you’d be able to pick up Feral gear while your gathering healing gear. Each PuG is different, just ask if you can roll on things for your offspec, but dont take gear from people who may need it for the instance you are doing. Most people are understanding in 5 mans that you will want gear for multiple specs.

    Anyways, I’ve compiled a short list of links that I believe will give you a hand understanding the Druid as a healing class, and available options from lots of different players.

    To start, here’s a quick summary of what people view druid healers as:

    Resto Druids: Druids are perhaps the
    most necessary healer in any 10/25
    composition. Mostly because of
    Blizzard’s encounter/item design
    during and after Ulduar. After Burning
    Crusade, Druids were trying to find a
    niche because Blizzard nerfed their
    insanely awesome Lifebloom. I think a
    lot of Druids went into Wrath looking
    to continue being tank healers, and
    it’s something they’re still good at.
    However, they found their niche with
    raid healing through something called
    Rejuvenation Blanketing. Basically, it
    just means that they put Rejuvenation
    on as many raid members as their
    haste/positioning allows. Blizzard
    reinforced this through incredibly
    strong set bonuses for T8 and T9 that
    boost the power of Rejuvenation
    incredibly. In addition, the pulsing,
    constant raid damage of a lot of
    Ulduar/ToC fights basically plays
    right into Druids’ hands. Rejuv
    blanketing puts out a stunning amount
    of throughput that is almost
    unmatchable. Like I mentioned, rolling
    HoTs on tanks is also a strength of
    Druids and really evens out tank
    burst, though I seldom assign them to
    tank healing unless very necessary.
    They can tank heal just fine, but it’s
    a waste of their true power.

    From: Druid vs The Healing World

    There’s also been an incredibly useful survey of Druid healers based on a survey called “Circle of Healers”, with many blog post responses:


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    Other topics that may help:

    Resto Druid – Starting raiding mana regen numbers?

    What spellpower should a resto druid have before raiding

    Building a Balance/Resto spec — DPS while healing in heroics?

    The best (and really only) way to gear up is to farm heroics. Emblem of Triumph goes a long way.

    Learning the basics of healing is easy: if they die, it’s bad. It’s doing it right that’s really hard, especially on dispel- and movement-heavy fights. You absolutely need an addon that will show you the entire raid, however.

    Dual spec is definitely worth it, especially for the transition period.

    One additional thing to consider though: why doesn’t your guild have more healers? Does the guild blame them for everything? Are they forced into surprise raids with If you don't come, we can't raid and it's all your fault!?

    Healer burnout is a widespread problem among some types of guilds, don’t be a victim of it yourself.

    Go for dual-spec.

    Use your main spec for difficult encounters and roll on healer items for off-spec (just like previously when you didn’t have 2 talent trees available for “free”). You could also say you wanna roll only on OS (off-spec) and pass on main-spec so somebody else could get an item for their OS and skip for you etc…

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