How do I open a security van in GTA V?

It’s early days yet but in the spirit of open world one of the first things I’ve done in GTA V is hijack a security van. For the life of me I can’t work out how to get the cash out of it.

I’ve tried a shotgun on the doors (the free bullshot one from the Special Edition), kicking, punching and machine gunning. I’ve also tried pretty much every button on the controller just in case it’s something simple but so far my truck is impenetrable.

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  • I’m currently left wondering if I’m just too early in the game to be able to open the security trucks although it was highlighted by the game as a “world event” (?) which would suggest not.

    I would just save it for later but you can’t store these vehicles in garages and I’d hate to just leave a truck full of money on the side of the road.

    Can anyone shed light on how to get into these things?

    Edit: Other things I’ve now tried:

    • Reversing into buildings at high(ish) speed.
    • Driving off the big hill behind the Vinewood sign. Killed me but didn’t appear to open the truck.
    • Driving into the shallow lake at the north end of the storm drain. The truck was fully submerged and again didn’t open.

    For reference my most recent story mission is no.3 “Repossession”.

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    I went to Lago Zancudo, there is a gas station where I fortunately found a tanker (what trucks use to carry gas). I parked the security van next to it and I shot the tanker from a distance. Four shots later it blew up and open the backdoor, dropping a brief case with $7,000!!!!

    Once you unlock sticky bombs you can apply one to the back of the van and blow it. It will open the doors without destroying the contents. It is the easiest and most efficient method.

    It’s very simple, take out your shotgun and fire in between the two back doors. After 4 or 5 shots, the doors will pop open and a briefcase will drop to the ground. I have been getting different amounts, last time it was $20,000 in it then if you have the cops after you lose them.

    Shoot the doors right in the middle where they meet. it’ll take a while, but it works.

    What I did was carjack a random car, park it right up against the back of the truck, and just shoot it till it explodes. I got like $7500!!

    Shoot it a couple of times with a pistol that did it for me

    I always just throw a sticky explosive onto the backdoor. It’s worked first time every time for me.

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