How do I maximize XP gain?

Obviously, I could level up faster as a trainer by playing all day long; but that is hardly feasible. There are various activities that give XP, some of them are controllable (like winning in gym battles) and others are somewhat random (getting a new pokemon).

Other than normal gameplay like capturing all the Pokemon I see, what actions lead to more efficient xp gain? Esp. when it comes to using limited resources – e.g. I will run low on potions if I battle often, should I focus on friendly challenges or gym takeovers to efficiently use my potions?

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    I don’t have an exhaustive list, but I do have one tip that would be very efficient.

    Lucky Eggs are items that double the XP you earn for 30 minutes. The ideal time to use these is when you have prepped yourself to maximize your XP gain. Some great conditions to use an egg would be when:

    • You’ll be staying at a Pokestop and have Lures and Incense to use
    • You have a lot of Pokemon ready to evolve. Evolving Pokemon provides quite a bit of XP.
    • Getting Nice/Great/Excellent throws. Each of these require you to throw the Pokeball within the targeting circle. Nice throws happen when the circle is large, while excellent throws happen when the circle is pretty small. They add a bonus of 10, 50, and 100 XP on a successful capture respectfully.

    So far, I’ve gotten Lucky Eggs from leveling up. You can also purchase them from the shop. If you hold off on evolving and get comfortable at a Pokestop, you could gain quite a bit of XP in a short amount of time with the use of a Lucky Egg.

    The single fastest way to get XP is to save up tons of level 1 evolution of your local pokemon that evolve with just 12 candies.

    you get 500 exp for every evolution, so if you save up 12 pidgeys and have 144 candies, and then pop a lucky egg you will make 12,000 experience in just a few minutes.

    So save your evolution’s to use with lucky eggs.
    enter image description here

    get as many phones as possible use them as feeder to your ‘main’. So when you reach a pokestop use all the potions you gather to revive pokemon. Beat them down with your main. Fight gyms with your main. That way you’ll gain xp for your main without taking damage.

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