How do I join multiplayer servers in Terraria?

I am new to Terraria, and I want to play with my friend. But for some reason, it says ‘connecting’ for a very long time. I have his IP, and his port, but it will not work.

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    Make sure your friend has forwarded the ports that Terraria servers require. There’s a short guide on how to do it here.

    To summarize:

    1. Double check your friend’s IP (ask him to go to and read off the address to you). IP addresses can change occasionally.
    2. Double check the port. Your friend is capable of setting it to something non-standard, ask him what it is (standard is 7777).
    3. Get your friend to log into his router (usually or, look it up for his specific router).
    4. Click on a port-forwarding or NAT menu button.
    5. Add a rule for Terraria as described in the guide.

    Beyond that, you will need to provide more information on errors or your friend’s setup before we can determine what could be causing your connection troubles.

    I think it’s much easier to use Hamachi.

    Both players will need to download Hamachi


    The Hamachi website has gotten a bit confusing these day because they try to trick you into downloading LogMeIn. Hamachi is sort of a legacy product they keep around.

    How to Setup A Terraria Server With Hamachi

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