How do I get rid of unwanted immigrants?

I’ve just gotten a large number of immigrants, most of whom I don’t want, and I would like to get rid of them. I have a small room set up to flood with water, but short of giving those dwarfs I want to kill a bedroom in there I’m not sure how to get them to stay in there. So, basically, what is a good method to order a specific group of dwarfs to stay in this room so I can drown them?

Game version is 40d.

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  • 3 Solutions collect form web for “How do I get rid of unwanted immigrants?”

    • Create a squad for them.
    • Create a point in the notes menu.
    • Station squad at that point.
    • Pull lever.

    You can also assign a burrow, and then assign the migrants to the burrow. The dwarves will all cluster into the space, allowing you to pull the lever and handle the problem all at once. (Assuming more than 10 dwarves).

    Burrows have the additional benefit of being reusable each time a new migrant wave pops onto the map. Just assign the new guys to it and repeat.

    There is an easier way, though less Fun!, that makesk them die in a useful manner. Give them all weapons, and make them stay outside. Set them to train constantly if you want. Then wait for the next invasion. They should slow down the invasion for a little bit, allowing your military more time to respond.

    Alternatively, just lock them in a room without food.

    While less classic, both of these can be done without the use of magma, in case you haven’t reached it yet, or don’t want to make large alterations to your fort.

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