How do I get more zebras?

One of the achievements is:

Heart Of Darkness -Become a chieftain of a zebra tribe. (How is this
even possible?) – Have more then one zebra (sic)

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  • I already have my first Zebra which I got when I built a ship. I only don’t know how to get a second Zebra.

    So how do I get the 2nd Zebra?

    And do they add something more than just the achievement?

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    I already have my first Zebra which I got when I built a ship.

    This sounds to me very much like you do not have a zebra. You have instead discovered the zebra race for trading. In order to get an actual zebra joining your village, you will need to play in Iron Will mode (no huts/log houses/mansions built). You will know you’ve done it right when a Zebra shows up as an actual resource on the left section.

    Zebras in Iron Will are a free way to get some small amount of Catpower, which is otherwise impossible without kittens. To make successive Iron Will runs a little easier, every time you reset, your maximum number of zebras will be set to your current zebra count, plus one.

    I’ve gone through the code and this is the only line that increases the number of zebras you have:

    reset: function(){
      this.karmaZebras = this.resPool.get("zebras").value + 1;

    This would seem to imply you get a single zebra each time you reset.

    From my experience, you get a zebra soon after you get into Iron Will mode, which is achieved by getting the achievement (Iron Will) by building a mine without housing. Then the IW tab appears in Bonfire so you can shut out all the housing options without accidentally hitting one. I entered Iron Will on my 10th run and got 1 zebra… so yes, if there were potential zebras for resets they donèt count until you get your first one. Im almost done IW, curious to see if my zebra will leave when I start making kittens. If not I believe that if I reset and get into IW mode again, I should have more than one zebra and get the achievement.

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