How do I find Frost the Horse if he runs away during “Promises to Keep”?

How do I find Frost the Horse if he runs away during the quest “Promises to Keep”? I got attacked while riding Frost, dismounted to fight, and then the horse ran away. Now I can’t complete the quest.

Is there any way to restart the quest or find Frost again?

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    From the comments above:

    Frost’s ID is 000cb276, I’m with his body and have him targeted, but the resurrect cheat doesn’t seem to be doing anything. Oh well 🙁 – Abby Nov 29 at 1:41

    Actually it’s ID is 00097E1F (source:

    If Frost ran away, player.moveto 00097E1F should move him to you.

    You don’t need the ID to resurrect a dead NPC if you have his body: open the console, target the body (click on the body once) and type resurrect.

    Mine is MIA God knows where so I don’t have his body to do this trick; I guess I’ll have to find the bloody ID to teleport to him or something.

    He probably got into a fight and died. Frost seems to be a bit more aggressive in combat than other horses and will fight with pretty much anything, including dragons. For me, he died to a couple of wolves that I didn’t notice him run to attack while I took off in another direction. I found his body, next to one of the wolf corpses, all I need to know now is how to resurrect him. You can apparently resurrect any NPC, just have to know their ID to type into console. Not sure how to get this though and I can’t find it online anywhere.

    In the console, click on him with your cursor and type resurrect. Voilà!

    To resurrect a horse for sure, (I noticed the normal resurrect command didn’t work on Frost for me) try targeting the body and typing resurrect 1. Should work without fail.

    When you do the quest with Frost, you can chouse to keep the horse.
    I have Frost evrey where i go but at some time i lost him becouse i rided another horse.
    When i had him, he died 2 times, but i managed to resurrect him :
    in console: prid 97E1F [enter]
    but now i cant track him.. anyway, it’s a very good horse, and he is good in combat, he doesen’t run.

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