How do I detect if players have sufficient EXP levels?

I want to make an XP shop but I’m not sure about how to detect if people have sufficient XP Levels.

Can anyone help me?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How do I detect if players have sufficient EXP levels?”

    You can test for player’s levels using the l= or lm= arguments in the target selector.

    For example, if I am looking for all players with at 5 or more levels, I would use:

    /testfor @a[lm=5]

    or, all players that have 3 or more levels of EXP, but equal to/less than 8:

    /testfor @a[l=8,lm=3]

    or, all players that have 5 or less levels:

    /testfor @a[l=5]

    or, exactly 8 levels:

    /testfor @a[l=8,lm=8]

    as 8 will be true for both lm and l but 7 will become false for lm and 9 would be false for l because a selector will only select players IF all the arguments are true.

    See the wiki for more information.

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