How do I change NEI to cheat mode?

When I heard that you could look up recipes and cheat items with Not Enough Items, I downloaded NEI. It worked, and then I got another mod and the all of a sudden NEI still worked, but it was locked in recipe mode only. I tried fixing it by putting it into cheat mode again, but it was still in recipe mode.

I knew the only reason this happened was probably because of a change in the mod. Then I was watching a YouTuber who had the same exact mod as me and NEI was working and not locked in recipe mode for him. I tried redownloading NEI and getting it again but I was still stuck in recipe mode.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How do I change NEI to cheat mode?”

    This is a config option to lock NEI in Recipe Mode only. It’s designed for people (like me) who want to commit to a Survival game, but can’t help themselves when it’s so easy to cheat in items. This option is on by default when you download NEI.

    You can turn this off in the configuration file. Go to the config folder (probably C:/Users/YourName/AppData/Roaming/.minecraft/config) and find NEI.cfg. Open it with Notepad, and change the line that says lockmode=0 to lockmode=-1. This will unlock the option to switch to cheat mode in the options menu in-game.

    If that doesn’t work for whatever reason, cheat mode can be manually set by changing the line that says cheatmode=0 to cheatmode=2.

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