How do I catch a Ditto?

Ditto has now been released in the latest patch, and I would like to catch one.

What are the conditions to capture a Ditto? Does it show up on the nearby tracker? Or will it transform into something?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How do I catch a Ditto?”

    First of all, you won’t just see a Ditto on your list of close Pokémon that you can catch. Ditto will first appear in your game as just a regular Pokémon. After catching the Pokémon, it might transform back into a Ditto, and it will then be added to your Pokédex. So you won’t know it’s a Ditto before that point. You can see an example in the video here.

    It seems for now that mostly all the Pokémon can hide a Ditto (even those from the second generation as proved in the commentaries) If you want to catch one, you should focus on the most common Pokémon (Rattata, Zubat, Pidgey, Magikarp and Spearow have been confirmed to be Pokemon that can hide a Ditto). So just keep catching those, and you might end up with a Ditto.

    Also note that if you get a Ditto after catching a specific Pokémon near you, anyone catching this exact same Pokémon will also get the Ditto.

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