How do I brew an X potion?

The instructions are:

The X potion is a legend. It is said
that whoever manage to brew it and drink
it would travel to a place where no one
have been before.

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  • I don’t know if this potion is just a
    legend or not, but I will write in this
    book everything I know about it.

    The X potion is mentioned in many old
    legends and alchemy books. Here’s a
    summary of the informations which may
    help you to brew it. Good luck!

    – It is said that 5 steps are necessary
    to brew the X potion.

    – It is said that no lollipops are
    required, except for one of the steps.

    – It is said that, unlike for other
    potions, you can’t brew multiple X
    potions at once.

    quoted when it comes to the X potion :

    On the first day,
    it gave birth to the very first Sweet.
    But it was cold outside.

    On the second day,
    it gave the Sweet a father.
    But it was cold outside.

    On the third day,
    it gave the Sweet a brother.
    But it was cold outside.

    On the fourth day,
    it gave the Sweet a friend.
    But it was cold outside.

    On the fifth day,
    it gave the Sweet a lover,
    and it may sound simple or silly,
    but now the Sweet was happy,
    and it was hot outside.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How do I brew an X potion?”

    I actually found this extremely easy; it’s rather easy if you think about it. It says no lollipops are required except once, so you’d expect four candies one lollipop.

    1. The first one is a candy as it says “the first day was cold” so put 1 candy in the cauldron and boil it quickly then stop once it reaches cold.

    2. Second is “gave the sweet a father“, repeat the step.

    3. Then “gave the sweet a brother” repeat again.

    4. And again for “a friend“.

    5. Then on the “5th day” (5th step) “gave the sweet a “lover”“. You’d assume it’s different and, so this is the step where the lollipop comes in.

    6. It says “and it was hot outside” so boil until it says “Boiling… very hot”.

    7. Bottle it and you’ll get your X potion.

    The X potion takes you to kill “yourself”

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