How do I actually start the Peer Review DLC on Portal 2?

I just downloaded and installed the Peer Review DLC as well as a game update for Portal 2 on PS3. How do I actually play the new co-op mode, though? When I select co-op, all it lets me choose is Co-Op Standard or Co-Op Challenge, and in both cases the only levels I have access to are the original testing courses.

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    You or your partner must already have finished the regular co-op campaign.

    Once you have, another pillar will appear in the hub which you can portal into. It will have two buttons, if both of you stand on one, you will be sucked into the new DLC.

    New DLC

    So you want to play the new DLC? Well, its pretty quite simple to do. Just do these simple things.


    1. Beat regular Co-Op.
    2. A pillar will appear in the hub if you did it.
    3. 2 Buttons will appear.
    4. Tell your to stand on 1.
    5. You step on the other one.
    6. There you go!


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