How do clan perks affect the level of donated troops?

Let’s say your clan is at least level 5, which gives them a perk that increases the level of donated troops, and the troops that was donated is of the maximum level possible for that troop (ie. a Level 7 Giant), what would happen to its level?

Would it:

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    1. Become level “8” (since Level 5’s perk only increases the troop by 1 level) or,
    2. Stay at the maximum Level 7 (for the case of a giant)?

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    The troop would just stay at it’s current level. A level 6 giant and level 7 giant would become the same troop when donated in that clan.

    I am in a level 5 clan and when you donate maxed troops they stay the same level. But if you donate a level 4 dragon it becomes level 5 when its donated.

    Supercell has said that it will actually not go to level 8 (for giants) and it will stay at the current level. But if it is a level 6 giant it will go to 7.

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