How can you run Skyrim in borderless window mode?

I’ve noticed Skyrim has some issues when minimizing. This is a real pain when playing on multiple monitors and you attempt to find something on the other monitor. Is there anyway to enable borderless window mode in Skyrim?

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    You can’t by default, but there is a mod to do this. Try it out here.

    The Simple Borderless Window mod’s page is currently not available at Nexus Mods.

    You might want to try the OneTweak mod instead, which allows borderless window mode. Another alternative is the Fake Fullscreen mod.

    You can get my application that works with almost any game and is automatic or hotkeyed. You can also check my small tutorial example script (download) to prepare you own little script.

    My recommendation would be to install the latest enbseries, since it also comes with a usefull patch, and you can turn off the graphical modification and just use the patches (which prevent memory overflow) and the borderless fullscreen mode.

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