How can you make an NPC move house?

Is there any way to move an NPC from one house to another in Terraria?

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    In update 1.1 they added a toggle to have house management. This allows you to set houses to certain NPCS and check to see if a house you built is viable. You can also see what NPCS own a particular house.

    You would need to

    • Destroy his old house and build the other one (he will go to the new house when it becomes night if the distance isn’t to far)

    • Destroy his old house and build the other one and hope that the same type (merchant, gun dealer etc.) will respawn

    We once had 2 merchants; when we tried to get a Demolitionist, we killed 1 merchant and got another 1; after we killed that one, we finally got the Demolitionist.

    P.S. You only need to hammer away the chair and table to destroy his house

    If you click on the housing management icon
    (the little house above the equipment slots)
    you can then click on the banner for a living npc –
    then click on the house
    you wish for them to occupy.

    You may want to save and re-load the world,
    if you don’t want to wait for them to relocate themselves.

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