How can I repair Mr. Handy?

My Mr. Handy has been busy trying to solo deathclaws, mole rats, and such. Now he is a bit worse for wear. How can I repair him?

Mr. Handy got rekt

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    There is unfortunately no way to repair it when it’s partially damaged ; you have to wait until he “dies”, then you can “revive” him – for 2,000 caps.

    Disclaimer: the following might not be accurate anymore.

    Here’s a nice tip to optimize your Mr. Handy usage I found in this article :

    When he gets near the end of his life, it might be a good idea to send him into the wastelands. Or even better, set him out in the Wastelands at night when you go to bed so he has several hours to gather caps. That way you can repair him ASAP.

    You unfortunately can’t heal him however I did read that you can revive him for 2000 caps

    How to heal/revive and use Mr.Handy

    There is no way to heal/repair Mr.Handy,but if you have multiple Mr.Handy’s when one gets hurt you can switch him out with one from a lower level that way it’s less likely to get hurt by raiders or Deathclaws and die.

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