How can I prevent my dog from barking so much?

Is there anyway – a mod or via console – to make the dog stop barking all the time? Maybe it is not annoying to other people but I play a stealthy character. I realize that the NPCs may not hear the dog bark but I find it annoying when I’m B&E in a home, sneaking past the sleeping occupants only to hear my dog bark like he’s trying to tell someone Timmy is in the well. When I sneak, my follower sneaks, at the least, the dog could be quiet. The same for the summoned companion that howls.

Again, I do realize that this is probably a problem for only a small group of people, but it resulted in me being unable to use the dog. If I could even just turn the dog volume down, that would help.

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    There are several, like Quiet Dog (total silence) and Quieter Dogs (lower volume). I haven’t found any in the Steam Workshop thus far.

    On a related note, I use zombies, which say “Uhh…” all the time. Quiet Zombies removes that.

    You should tell it to wait over there and then attack. The dog will come to help!

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