How can I import worlds from the PE to the PC version?

Can I get my Minecraft Pocket Edition worlds onto my PC to play in regular Minecraft? If so how?

I have used iExplorer to transfer files from my iPad but that was no help. Any suggestions?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How can I import worlds from the PE to the PC version?”

    This depends on the version of Minecraft PE.

    • Version 0.9.0 and above: Currently impossible. The level format was completely changed in 0.9.0 and is incompatible with Minecraft PC.

    • Version 0.2.0 to 0.8.1: The level format is more or less the same, however the world is not directly compatible. Chunks.dat contains the chunk info and can be read by MC Edit, so it is possible to “transplant” this world with the following steps:

      • Create a new world in Minecraft PC that we will be placing the Minecraft PE world into. This is necessary because we will be essentially copying the limited PE world into the limitless PC world.
      • Copy your Minecraft world from the device, and put this world anywhere on your PC as you see fit. As this is device-specific, I will leave this part up to you.
      • Open up MC Edit, “Open a Level…”, and then select “chunks.dat” from your world.
      • Select the entire world. You can do this by selecting one corner of the world, then dragging the selection to the other corner of the world.
      • Copy the selection, then save as a Schematic.
      • Now go back to the main menu in MC Edit, and choose “Load World…”, the open the Minecraft PC world that we will be importing our PE world into.
      • Choose “Import” and select the Schematic that we previously saved.
      • Place the schematic, wait for it to import, then save the map.
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